About Me

In traditional accounts style, the main bulk of my website is very corporate, professional… humourless… so here’s the page where I can let you know more about the real person behind Aqua Digital Bookkeeping…

Raised on a farm in the wilds of North Yorkshire, I think it’s fair to say I was a typical farming tomboy, more than happy being clarted up the eyeballs in mud and collecting unmentionables from anywhere I could find!

These days, I’m slightly more refined, but still maintain that mischevious charm with a hint of playfulness and love of banter – very much missing from today’s world I fear…

After spending many years in the Public Sector, and even more in the corporate world reaching the heady (and somewhat stressful!) management heights in IBM, I have gained a wealth of varying experience.  Mainly in identifying and implementing process improvements and establishing the root cause of problems which cause pain points for businesses.

My illustrious career has been peppered with financial accounting and reporting analysis, from managing the centralised expenditure for Defra, to saving squillions of dollars in IBM when driving Service Improvements on delivering their Service Level Agreement commitments.

The reason I created Aqua Digital Bookkeeping?  In all honesty, I can pin that accolade on my 16 year old son.  Whilst discussing his A Level options, I suggested he select those subjects he liked or was good at, and I went on to explain that I loved Accounts when I was at school (yes, I can just about remember that time), and it was one subject I excelled at. although for some reason I never took it forward.

HA!  There I was, advising my son on his future, when I hadn’t even taken my own advice!

So, I started to look at how I could make amends for my misspent youth and began to think about taking some exams.  At my age?  Should I do it??  Could I do it??? …YEP! … I sure could!   I nailed my AAT Level 2 exams and Aqua Digital Bookkeeping was born…

Outside of bookkeeping, I’m afraid to admit I have few hobbies.  Why?  Well, I have spent the last 10 years supporting said teenage son with his swimming career.  Yes, the lovely 4:30am starts are such a motivator on those dark, frosty mornings…NOT!

However, there is one thing I can be sure of and it’s that supporting my son is one of my greatest achievements as he’s gone from doing 50m unaided doggy-paddle at 3 years old, to National Bronze medalist in 2017.  Something our whole family is immensely proud of and you’ll see updates on his travels peppered over my Social Media.

When I’m not involved in any swimming shenanigans, I like nothing more than snuggling on the sofa with my two Shelties, Jesse (The Black Tornado), Casper (Little Firecracker) and my British Shorthair cat, Teddy (Bringer of Headless Mice)

10 Little Known Facts About Me (until now…)

– I was raised on a farm along with 500 birds

– I’m ‘lucky’ enough to have dislocated my knee 6 times

– I have a 2″ scar on my eyebrow after my horse kicked me in the head (this accounts for a lot!)

– I’m pretty much tee-total after my cooker attacked me, resulting in a dislocated knee, dislocated shoulder, concussion and an aversion to alcohol

– I manage the Swim England East Region Twitter account during swim competitions and a member of the Technical Swimming Committee

– I’m Admin for a Facebook group with 18,000 Sheltie members around the world

– I’m on the Norfolk ASA Executive Committee

– Galaxy… not Cadbury!

– I Love Marmite

– I can pick a crisp up off the floor, in my mouth, with only my feet touching the floor…

Below are some pictures showing key people or moments in my life. Enjoy!

Aqua Digital Bookkeeping – Keeping Your Business Flowing 

Manor Orchard
Culmington, Ludlow, SY8 2DN

Tel: 07876 494244
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