Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours and where are you located?

I’m based between Bury St Edmunds and Diss, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and being a virtual bookkeeper, I don’t have traditional office hours – if I need to work whilst sitting poolside at 5am when watching my son doing his swimming training, then I will!

What is outsourced or virtual bookkeeping?

Having your bookkeeping done by a skilled, knowledgeable, and cost-effective third party, instead of having to find the time to do it yourself or recruit a costly employee.  Doing it remotely gives the added benefit of not having to find the necessary in-house office space

What is the best way to get started?

I offer a FREE initial consultation to determine what your needs are.   There will be some form filling to complete in order to ensure I capture all the necessary information about your business.  Depending on the scope of your requirements, we will ascertain how I can help you and what services would compliment your business.

Can I change plans or cancel my account later?

I am happy to serve you for as long as you need and whenever you need my help. You are welcome to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your account as your needs change. You are free to cancel your account at any time. Everything is month-to-month unless otherwise agreed upon.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. There is no minimum contract period or minimum contract of any kind. All of my services are offered on a month-to-month basis to simplify things for your business.

When am I billed and when do I need to pay?

I bill on the first of every month for the upcoming monthly service package. I will prorate the monthly cost if my services start mid-month. Payment for bespoke or setup services is required within 5 business days and monthly payments will be taken by Direct Debit using GoCardless.

Do you have access to my bank accounts?

No, this is not necessary.

The Xero software pulls in a daily bank feed of all your transactions (it is a constantly updating bank statement). This statement is “read only” and will not give me (or anyone else) the ability to access your bank accounts. Part of my onboarding process is to set up the Auto Bank Feeds in collaboration with my client. This means I don’t even need to have knowledge of your passwords.

Do you hold my financial data hostage?

No, they will always be your books and you will own your own data. If you decide that my services are no longer needed, I will provide you with any stored data. I do require your monthly billing to be up to date.

As the Xero accounting software is cloud based, I can easily turn your account over to you at any time. You will always have access to all of your data and you also have the option of keeping up your software license directly from the provider if you prefer.

My books are a mess… Can you still help me?

Absolutely… I love a challenge and that’s why I’m here and your mess will be my masterpiece.  For some self-employed people and small sized businesses, bookkeeping can be a significant burden.  Sometimes it can even feel like a “ball-n-chain.”  With most of my new customers, I am able to go back in time with their books, sometimes many months, in order to get their paperwork in order and up to date.  You can just send me what you have and I’ll take care of your books for you, giving you more free time to grow your business and pursue your passion.

How secure is cloud bookkeeping?

If your computer or laptop is lost, stolen or broken, your Xero account is backed up and protected online in the cloud. Xero’s online storage means you can log in from any device with an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Your Data is encrypted using industry-standard data encryption, multiple layers of firewalls are in place, all access to the Xero data centres and servers is controlled and monitored 24/7, and regular security audits are performed.

How do I get the information to you?

There are a range of options for your data to be transferred, from email, Dropbox, traditional post and you can upload the information directly to Xero

Are you registered for Anti-Money Laundering?

Yes.  Aqua Digital Bookkeeping is fully compliant with HMRC regulations for Anti-Money Laundering.  Client checks will be carried out and any irregularities may be reported.

Let me do the job you hate, so you can do the job you love

Aqua Digital Bookkeeping – Keeping Your Business Flowing 

Manor Orchard
Culmington, Ludlow, SY8 2DN

Tel: 07876 494244
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